REI Adventure Land Play Space + Entry Peaks

client: REI

REI Adventure Land Play Space Boulder, Colorado and Round Rock, Texas
location: Boulder, CO and Round Rock, TX | size: 100 sq ft footprint | opened: 2007-2008

This was a rare venture into the retail world for LCS. This play space was designed for four to six year olds who climb and crawl all over the built “mountain”. It is full of discovery and playful, immersive elements. In some ways, it is a hybrid of the fort you built under the dining room table and the backyard tree house. Our first design was a prototype for Boulder, CO and we rearranged it for another REI store in Round Rock, Texas. The mission was to excite kids to venture into the out of doors… with the right tools and gadgets in hand, of course.

REI Entry Peaks
location: Round Rock, TX | size: 26 ft tall | opened: 2008

This wood, glass, and metal composition of mountain peaks serves as dramatic backdrop and landscape in the entry of REI’s “Store of the Future”.

Winner of the Design Award, Association for Retail Environments, 2009, at REI Round Rock, Texas.