artist / architect / LCS Founder + Design Principal

  • Art is my religion.
  • Architecture, for me, is one medium for the expression of ideas.
  • I think that, for humans, interpretation is as important as fact.

In my work, I like to balance the literal with the metaphoric. I received a BFA (painting) from Boston University and a Masters of Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was a carpenter in Japan in 1978-79. I worked as an architect for the exhibition design firm of Ralph Appelbaum Associates. I formed LCS after working for architectural firms, Skidmore Owings and Merrill; Holey Associates; Polshek Partnership; and HGHB (as Head of Interiors). I have taught and lectured throughout the US. And I have run LCS since 1988.

As the lead designer, founder, and principal of Lehrman Cameron Studio, I have worked with a creative staff and brilliant collaborators, and this team has included my husband/partner who came into the firm in 1998. (Remarkably, we have not killed each other, and we still laugh a lot.) I am proud to say that my philosophies have formed the foundation of the firm, and my design leadership has been at the nucleus of each design decision. As concept developer, writer, artist, designer, architect, running my business while Mom to young children, it has helped that I have a high level of energy as well as an addiction to caffeine.


LCS Planning Principal

Max’s background in museum management, combined with his extensive experience on both sides of the museum/design-firm divide, provide him with a unique understanding of LCS’ clients’ needs. His legacy of successful projects has attested to the effectiveness of his leadership style: always a calm voice in the creative chaos. Max excels at listening carefully to all concerns, helping to maintain a clear design vision, and nurturing creative freedom while keeping the team on track and on budget, and trying to keep Mindy’s obsessions in check. Since becoming co-principal of Lehrman Cameron Studio, Max has taken on the task of project management, and has helped with concept development, as well as organizing and managing our clients’ complex projects.

Max’s graduate studies include Museum Management (JFK Center for Museum Studies), Directing for Theater (San Francisco State), and a BA in English Literature (University of Texas, Austin). Prior to joining LCS, Max directed programs and exhibits at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and Seattle’s Experience Music Project. His kids think that he is the greatest guy ever. Good luck to their boyfriends in trying to meet this bar.