Osaka Science Museum

Osaka Science Museum Electricity Exhibits 

client: Exploratorium
location: New York, NY | size: 12 tabletop exhibits opened: 1994


The Osaka Science Museum commissioned Mindy to design twelve portable exhibits on the subject of electricity through the Exploratorium’s “Exhibit Started Sets” program. This was a first-of-its-kind outreach configuration of the Exploratorium’s didactic content. Mindy designs were made of durable, colorful, and industrial materials. At one exhibit component, a visitor can pedal a bicycle to physically understand how much effort it takes to light a series of lamps. Another exhibit seems to defy gravity. Another uses the visitors as a battery. Still another incorporates a Jacob’s Ladder, with its rising arcs of electricity. These exhibits help explain magnetism, motors, glow discharges, generators, and energy versus power.