NW School

The Northwest School Energy Wall

client: NW School
location: Seattle, WA| size: 2o0 sq ft wall | completed: 2014


Northwest School had a solitary dashboard (monitor) on a blank wall near their cafeteria. The dashboard recorded the energy and other resource deployment of the green building in real time and over the course of time – data that could be mined for information by students and faculty. Mindy, and her associate Laurel Wilson, designed variations of a full exhibit for the wall around the monitor. The intent was that the completed exhibit would instruct and explain aspects of the content on the dashboard, adding a breadth and depth of information, accessible to students who would ostensibly become stewards of the wall. The information was both local and global. The design included fixed elements within a clear organization, as well as pieces that could be removed and taken to classrooms, and/or changed over time. The wall would be a living thing to be maintained and curated by the students and their teachers, a work in progress throughout its lifetime.