Henry M. Jackson Park

Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson Park | Interpretive Design

client: City of Everett Parks and Recreation
location: Everett, WA | size: four acres | opened: 2016


Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson grew up in Everett, Washington where he was a determined,  disciplined, motivated person with persistent integrity who lived up to his high ideals. Over a career that spanned more than four decades, he was an extremely effective leader who bypassed bipartisan politics with his thoughtful, steady intelligence. He changed the face of America in the fields of international affairs, education, human rights, environmental and natural resource management, and public service. Senator Jackson was respected and well-liked; perhaps the most liberal conservative or the most conservative liberal politician, ignoring party lines in order to address and settle important issues.

Mindy’s ideas for the design of interpretation for this park were to make connections between Everett and other places where Jackson made significant differences. Her presiding interpretive idea was “From here, you can go anywhere.” The interpretive designs were meant to reflect the ambition, integrity, strength, and persistence of this man, as well as his unique ability to achieve balance.

Unfortunately, the budget for this project was decimated over the course of the larger landscape design, and very few remnants of the interpretive ideas remain on site.