Charter Revision

Charter Revision Exhibition

client: American History Workshop
location: New York, NY| size: 1,000 sq ft opened: 1990


In the historic Federal Courthouse building across from the Stock Exchange, Mindy designed an exhibit about the new New York City constitution in order to help New Yorkers understand what it was they were imminently going to vote upon. The content was developed by the brilliant Richard Rabinowitz and his American History Workshop.

The physical parts of this exhibit were not allowed to attach to the protected landmark building structure, but still needed to be formidable and stable. The exhibit discussed gerrymandering, the balance of the individual and the state, and how this particular vote would affect the many populations of the city. As well as designing the exhibits, Mindy painted the images of the “Not –In—My-Backyard” monster and “YOUCAFITCH” (You-Can’t-Fight-City-Hall); the latter of which was a memory of an ex-boyfriend. The themes presented in this show in 1990 are still fresh today. In love and politics, what is old is new again.