Bix Supper Club Mural

client: Douglas Biederbeck through Limn Architects 

location: San Francisco, CA | size: 10′-6″ x 31′-6″ | opened: 1988


Mindy was looking to change jobs as an architect and she was shopping around. Her portfolio was a mix of architectural design projects and art. When the architects for Bix Supper Club saw her work, they asked if she wanted to paint a mural for the new restaurant they were designing in the location of the old San Francisco assay office. Mindy readily agreed. They explained that the place would be like a speakeasy where the maître d’ would recognize you and know your favorite cocktail and where an elegantly-dressed woman might throw a drink in her date’s face.

Mindy painted the mural on canvas in three parts: left as a riotous kitchen, middle as dance floor, and right as people crowding the alley to get in. For style, the client wanted Reginald Marsh, and Mindy wanted Max Beckmann. When it was done, she strapped it all to the top of a friend’s Volkswagen bus and drove it carefully across town. And, yes, characters in the painting were inspired by her friends and family, and there are hidden messages.


The bar with gorgeous mural. – comment on Yelp