Asian Forest Sanctuary

Asian Forest Sanctuary Exhibit Interpretives + Miscellany

client: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
location: Tacoma, WA | size: 2.2 acres | opened: 2004


As part of PDZA’s expansion project, Lehrman Cameron Studio designed the interpretive elements along the visitor paths of the Asia Forest Sanctuary Exhibit. With the help of a fictional teacher of Mindy’s devising whom she imagined visiting Asia on sabbatical and doing research there, LCS created an immersive, interactive experience filled with information about animals and sanctuaries. The “research tools” that populate the environment include graphics in the shape of notebooks, journals, and field guides, tape players with interpreted forest and elephant sounds, a “camera trap” that captures the visitor’s image on a light box, and timers that encourage visitors to become researchers themselves. The large, kinetic entry sculpture as art, sign, and symbol, introduces and defines the idea of sanctuary.

LCS was responsible for the design/build of exhibits and graphics, in collaboration with TPN (fabrication), Karen Lewis (illustrations for entry sculpture), Linda Feltner (illustrations for signs), and Laura Firth Markley (writing). Many photos on this site are by Michael Cole.

photos © Michael Cole, 2008 (except photos with people)