7716 First Ave Residential Remodel

client: some erratic, demanding people
location: Seattle, WA | size: 3600 sq ft footprint | opened: 2010 


Mindy redesigned her family’s house for a tough set of clients. Her intent was to get the NYC loft she wanted inside of the 1910 Seattle Craftsman she loved.

The house was in need for years with too little space for art; not enough bathrooms (family and dog used to fit into the single full bathroom, a.k.a. “living room”); and never enough closets. The basement was a rodent’s hotel. A sprout was growing in the grout of the decrepit kitchen sink. The place was shabby.

Post renovation, the house breathes, and rooms feel light and airy. There is a balance of daylight, book shelves, and art on display. The main floor is open for happy get-togethers. The basement is a comfortable office space. There are, remarkably, enough bathrooms. A terrace makes the master bedroom expansive and maximizes the views. The gardens are exterior rooms. Windows exploit rare Seattle daylight. Everything is efficient and pleasant.

Doing this work, Mindy simplified, organized, and got rid of truckloads of Stuff. It was a little over the top as a method to clean one’s house. But worth it.


Thanks Mom! – The Kids


Contractor: Dyna Construction, Consultant Architect: Cheryl Hughes, Consultant Designer: Evan Bouquard