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The Smart Building Innovation Center (SBC), planned to open in spring of 2015 as a multi-functional headquarters on the first floor of the Pacific Tower Building in Seattle, Washington. The SBC would welcome visitors to tour, attend events, and/or work in its innovative offices on site. It was intended to be a destination for energy practitioners, property owners, developers, educators, and affiliates in the Pacific Northwest. Its lofty and worthy goal was that the place would serve as an example of insightful ideas, and operate at the leading edge of creative workspace solutions, including energy efficiency performance, where users and visitors could learn about the most current and inventive best practices for architectural renovation projects.

Lehrman Cameron Studio (LCS) designed the interior spaces, including exhibition areas and didactic elements as an uncommonly flexible and knowledge-rich working/learning environment. Our idea was that in general and into the details and specifics, the designs and plans would insure that the SBC headquarters would be efficient, highly functioning, aesthetically pleasing, and exceedingly informative, in reflection of the stated SBC’s values.

Sadly, the project stalled at Design Development due to internal institutional complications. With the continuing and severe impact of architectural renovation projects on the natural environment, this was, and still is an admirable idea.

Date: December 24, 2019

Category: Architecture and Interpretive Design, LCS