Golden Gate Fields and Bay Meadows Racetracks | Interiors

For Golden Gate Fields Racetrack, Mindy was on staff for John Holey & Associates; For Bay Meadows Racetrack, Mindy was Head of Interiors for HGHB Architects
location: San Francisco Bay Area opened: 1986-ish


In her twenties, Mindy was putting much too much energy into dating. She decided to stop for a while and she turned her attention to her career projects. At the time, she was working for John Holey & Associates in San Francisco and she was given the task to run a project in collaboration with another firm, HGHB; to design the interiors of Golden Gate Fields Racetrack. The use of that pent up libido was very effective. She designed a two million dollar project from Big Picture to tiny details in two and a half months. Then, the other firm made her an offer she could not refuse, which was to start their interiors department. At the same time, another un-refuseable offer came along, which was Max Cameron, who, years later, became her husband.