Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Entryway

client: Brooklyn Children’s Museum
location: Brooklyn, NY | size: 1000 sq ft opened: 1989


As one of her first solo architectural commissions, Mindy designed the renovation of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum entryway and adjacent facilities, including front desk, information wall, 400-coat cloakroom, and “Kid’s Crew” area (check-in for unaccompanied visitors). Mindy also convinced the museum to add a security room so that the guard’s station could move out of the basement, and add a modesty wall for the bathrooms. The design and construction was completed within only a few weeks, an extraordinarily short time.

This design got rid of an existing hodgepodge of colors and patterns (think 60s discotheque) and made the space orderly, navigable, and comfortable. Mindy’s choice of colors were inspired by Shaker furniture and Crayola crayons. The front desk was relocated to a central position from its awkward, inefficient, and ultimately ignorable location at the side. The desktop was lowered to accommodate children and adults without sacrificing security and safety. Of course, the entire project was kid-proofed. Though functions were added, the floor plan flowed freely even when visitors lined up for the cloakroom.